This is a current project I am working on right now for everyone and anyone who is bored at home during this time.

Bringing us together during lockdown.

A board game to ‘play at home’ during the pandemic. Coronavirus has caused the whole world to lockdown in our homes, cut off from our friends and family. I have created a board game for us to play whilst we wait for this all to blow over. The game is suitable for all ages and needs a minimum of two people to play. The aim of the game is to be the first to get round the board and complete the obstacles along the way. This game does not come with counters and a dice. Counters can be replaced by any object you may have at home, and you can find a random dice generator online. This game is to bring us together and to lighten up the mood of the virus, made up of fun trivia about our current situation. I hope you enjoy it.

To download and start playing please click here